What To Do Now....

When you find the illustrator you want for your project, just click the ADD TO CART button underneath their sample cover. This will allow you to pay the $60 cover design fee.

This fee covers having the illustrator complete a cover image for your book. This way, you can see if you're happy with their interpretation of your story before committing to the full package with that Illustrator.

Once we receive your payment email your name, story title and story text to: porterlancebooks@gmail.com and we'll submit it to the Illustrator you chose. They will be able to either accept or decline your book job.

If they decline, please don't take it personally, as they often are doing other jobs, and just cannot handle another job until their current one is complete. You will either be issued a full refund, or be able to pick a second Illustrator to use, your choice.

If they accept, though, you will be notified and emailed their cover design for your book in around a week.

THEN, 1 of 2 things will happen:

1. You are extra happy with the cover, and decide to use that Illustrator for your book. In this case, you will hire them to do the rest of the book. We will deduct the $60 you paid from the total package price of $750, and charge you the balance ($690). Then the Illustrator will begin work on your book.


2. You're not satisfied, and you can re-hire a new Illustrator at another $60. In this case, you do lose the $60 you paid for the first Illustrator. It will not come off of the price for the full publishing package. This is why it's important to really examine the Illustrators style, sample cover for "A Stranger At Christmas", and portfolio before selecting an Illustrator.